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Himalayan Mountains

Swirling skies in the Atlantic OceanQueensland and the Great Barrier Reef

Strait of Gibraltar

The Ganges Delta, India

Electric blue blooms off Ireland

Check out these spectacular images of Earth taken from the European Space Agency’s satellite, Envisat. I was alerted of the eye-popping wonders by good friend DC, thinking I may like them. Damn right I do.

To celebrate ten years whizzing around our planet, Wired Magazine published the pics. Here’s what they wrote about it:

Ten years ago on March 1, the European Space Agency launched an 8-ton satellite called Envisat that would deliver back to Earth some of the most beautiful images of our planet taken from space. Since then, Envisat has orbited Earth more than 50,000 times and has lived twice as long as planned. The satellite has more than seven instruments on board that can use radar to see through clouds, capture ocean color and land cover, monitor the ozone layer and atmospheric pollutants, measure thermal-infrared radiation, and register surface topography.   Wired Magazine.

See more here. Seriously, check them out large scale. So beautiful. What a planet we reside on.




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