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Blue Full Moon

Happy Blue Moon! Blue moons happen when a full moon appears twice in any given calendar month as it is this August (the previous full moon was on August 2). Blue moons come around about once every two to three years, and when they do they can be quite a powerful force for change.

With full moons I like to take time to reflect on where I’m at. To sit back and observe what’s going on around me and to appreciate the company I keep. Now with a powerful full blue moon in Pisces, it’s an especially good time to step back and see where I’m at and consider the things I really want and make plans.

Where are you at? What do you really, really want? Where do you feel things need to change for you? Take some time out and think about where you’re heading, or, where you’d rather be heading. There’s no better time to consider it with tonight’s moon, because it only happens ‘once in a blue moon’.

Tonight’s full moon takes place at 11.59pm (AEST).

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