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Phive Alive

So here we are. Phive is almost 2 years old now (tee hee) and geez I’ve done my fair share of work over the past 13 years or so as a designer, so with that as enough of an excuse, I decided it was time to FINALLY get my online folio up and running.

What a journey it has been. Moving on and stepping up from having just a site running a rather pointless blog I severely neglected, it was time to get my s@#t together and do something about displaying the work I’ve done over the years… and so here we are.

Another great feat is that this is the first site I’ve designed/assembled/made! Its been a steep and rewarding learning curve without so much as a single ‘hiccup’ – so far, fingers’ and toes crossed peoples! I’ve always prided myself on being a traditional print designer, but really, with technology advancing at such a rate, how can I not dabble in laying out my own site and seeing how I fit the pieces of the digital web puzzle together. A totes cinch. Bless you WordPress! And a big shout out to AJ Clarke of WPExplorer for providing such an awesome and user-friendly WP theme.

And so here we are… ‘Welcome to Phive’s new website showcasing the work I do as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator’. Please, do come in, leave your shoes at the door and stay a while. And if there’s anything I can help you with, leave a comment!

A special thanks goes to my employers, past and present,  for allowing me to display the work I’ve done under their employment. Muchas gracias.

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