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Phive CUAF 2

In 2014 I was approached to design the Chalk Urban Art Festival’s collateral to advertise and market a special event hosted by Zest Events International in downtown Sydney. Andi and her team of incredible 3D chalk artists were tasked at creating Australia’s largest 3D street art painting and they did not disappoint. You can see more at Chalk Urban Art Festival‘s website.

You can watch the timelapse video here.

Also, as a side to the festival, Zest Events produced a documentary which captures the 3D pavement artists’ journey to the piazza of Grazie di Curtatone in Italy to compete at the world’s most influential pavement art competition, Incontro Nazionale dei Madonnari. I designed the DVD cover and disc artwork to support the doco along with some slides for the official screening of the documentary which saw a host of supporters of the Arts, including Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull, attend. The doco has also appeared on SBS.

You can buy the documentary here.

    Scope of work produced:

  • Exclusive sponsorship pack
  • DVD cover and disc
  • Official doc screening presentation slides
  • Promotional bookmark
  • Social media advertising: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • eNewsletter headers
  • Chalk artist’s t-shirts
  • Event signage – barracades, facades
  • Timelapse video credit stills
  • Signed commemorative artwork gift